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$ 12
Billed Monthly
  • Self-guided Communication
  • Reviewed Communication
  • 14 Review Actions per Month
  • Includes All Features
  • Email Integration


$ 9
Billed Monthly
  • Self-guided Communication
  • Reviewed Communication
  • Review Actions
  • Includes All Features

All Features Include

  • Shared Calendar
  • Shared Library
  • Shared Expense Report
  • Advanced Search
  • Analytics
  • Professional Access
  • Proposal Module
  • Self-Served Transcripts



All communications are reviewed by a trained review specialist. Any inappropriate language will be removed before a message is forwarded to the recipient.


Each communication thread is limited to one topic. Any off-topic messages will be revised or rejected. Once a decision has been reached the communication thread is closed.


Coordinate parenting time schedules with our Shared Calendar. Keep track of reimbursements with our Shared Expense Report. See more below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, while our subscribers normally choose the same plans, the plans are interchangeable, according to the needs of the individual subscribers.

In the monitored account, all communications are either accepted, revised, or rejected as necessary to bring the communication into compliance with our communication guidelines. The review action is a summary of this information.

We offer a free trial at the beginning of all of our subscriptions to allow ample time for the other party to subscribe prior to the initiation of the actual subscription.

In our monitored plan, every message and every response, other than a selection from one of our “canned responses” is reviewed by one of our review specialists.

All communications are reviewed by our review specialists. Our review specialists include attorneys, mediators, educators, psychologists, experienced business managers, and educators. The have been trained in communication coaching and dispute resolution, and all have been trained to, not only review the communications of our subscribers, but also take active roles in training them to be better communicators.

Instead of an app, we offer a mobile friendly version of Civil Communicator that displays all relevant information conveniently on your mobile device.

With monitored communication, all messages are reviewed by a trained review specialist before being forwarded to the recipient. With self-guided communication, messages are sent directly to the recipient without review.

Yes, you can download your conversations locally into PDF files whenever you wish.

All communications are saved for the duration of the account.

Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Subscribers can access their account 24/7.

All submitted communications within Civil Communicator, including communications between subscribers and Civil Communicator personnel, belong to the account. Either subscriber can download transcripts of these communications, obtain review action reports of the other subscriber, request official certified transcripts, etc.

We maintain best industry standards for encryption, redundancy, backups, infrastructure, policies, and application features. All communications within the Service use bank-level encryption at rest and at each transfer stage using both SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption and is HIPAA and HITEC compliant. For an in depth discussion of our security features, please see our security page.

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