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Frequently Asked Questions

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All communications are reviewed and are accepted, revised as necessary to bring the communication into compliance with our communication guidelines, or rejected.  This is known as the Review Action.  Our system is unique in that we provide the subscriber a Review Action report for reviewed communications.*  The Review Action Report provides feedback to the subscriber.  It documents the communication that was forwarded; the review action taken by our specialists (Accepted/Revised/Rejected); provides the review code(s) that targets the specific problem area, and why the action was taken; and review comments from our specialists that summarizes a perception, how the other party may interpret or react to the original message. The goal of our system is to remove confrontational, threatening, or any unproductive language so that parents can communicate effectively and co-parent.  

*Civil communicator provides “pre-written responses” which are quick ways to reply to the other party.  These are not reviewed and no Review Action Report is generated.

In our monitored plan, every message and every response, other than a selection from one of our “pre-written responses” is reviewed by one of our review specialists.

All communications are reviewed by our Review Specialists. The backgrounds of the Coaches vary widely, and include Attorneys, Mediators, Educators, Psychologists, experienced Business Managers, Licensed Therapists, and Educators. Our team’s skill sets include Communication Coaching, dispute resolution, and mediation.  

Instead of an app, we offer a mobile friendly version of Civil Communicator that displays all relevant information conveniently on your mobile device.

Communication Coaching is an increasingly popular means of improving a subscriber’s communications with the other parent. Our Communication Coaching is based on the principles of mediation.

  • It is customized to each subscriber.
  • It is designed to prevent the escalation of conflict by working with the subscriber, enhancing their communications, and providing feedback prior to submitting a message or response.
  • Provides insight as to how the other party may perceive a communication; and
  • Provides feedback targeted to specific problem areas

Learn more about Communication Coaching here: Communication Coaching

Yes, you can download your conversations locally into PDF files whenever you wish.

All communications are saved for the duration of the account.

Reviewed communications are conducted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. Access to the account is available 24 hours a day, by logging onto your account. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Civil Communicator’s exclusive email response feature. While other Co-parenting websites require the subscriber to log on to review and respond to a message, Civil Communicator was designed to enable our subscribers to compose, read and respond to messages using their personal email accounts without having to login.*

Learn more here: How to Respond to a Message

Civil Communicator’s unique design provides the capability of sending Emergency Communication 24 hours a day. This feature will automatically send a text message and email to the other party.  While not actively reviewed, all communications are maintained in the database for future reference.

* The security features of Civil Communicator protect the confidentiality of the subscriber’s email address. The other party will not have access to this information.

All submitted communications within Civil Communicator, including communications between subscribers and Civil Communicator personnel, belong to the account. Either subscriber can download transcripts of these communications, obtain review action reports of the other subscriber, request official certified transcripts, etc.

We maintain best industry standards for encryption, redundancy, backups, infrastructure, policies, and application features. All communications within the Service use bank-level encryption at rest and at each transfer stage using both SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption and is HIPAA and HITEC compliant. For an in depth discussion of our security features, please see our security page.