Avoiding Tension During the Holidays.

Avoiding Tension During the Holidays. Molly Rumbelow, December 8, 2018 ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ For most of us, this can probably sum up the festive period well. Seeing the sparkle in children’s’ eyes is truly a magical moment. But the travelling, expense and family dramas can put … Read more

Shared Calendar: Best Way to Populate

Shared Calendar: Adding Events & Parenting Time Last Updated: November 12, 2018 Each parent should enter their own parenting time from the court order. Example: 5-2-2-5 schedule. Use the recurring option for the schedule and select All Day for the times. Enter the language from the court order in the details.  i.e. start and end … Read more

Ordering Review Action Reports

Ordering Review Action Reports Last Updated: November 16, 2018 What are Review Action Reports?  “Review Action Reports” are the product of our system and are generated when our review team revises or rejects a communication.  This report summarizes the action taken, and documents what message, if any, was forwarded to the other party. For the … Read more

Emergency Button

Emergency Button Last Updated: October 29, 2018 Imagine you’re on your way home or on the road to meet your partner to exchange the kids and something happens. It’s late at night, and Civil Communicator monitored communication services has ended.  How do you contact the other party while still maintaining the spirit of a parenting agreement … Read more