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National Family Solutions

National Family Solutions supports families as they deal with the complicated, difficult, and sometimes incredibly stressful process of family law cases. The National Family Solution team consists of career professionals; from attorneys and legal document assistants preparing your filings, to dedicated in-house Case Managers answering your questions and providing emotional support and knowledge during a truly difficult time.    

What They Do

We believe that every parent should have access to affordable legal professionals when getting a divorce and deciding on custody of their children. National Family Solutions helps people get through the complete judicial process for family court cases with these services:

  • Expert Consultation & Support
  • Specialized Research & Case Preparation
  • Document Organization and Storage
  • Preparation and Counseling for your Court Appearance
  • Legal Documentation Completed by a Skilled Legal Professional
  • As-Needed Parent Evaluations, Private Investigation, etc. from our Large Professional Network

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