Account Add-Ons

Civil Communicator is dedicated to improving communication between both parties. Expanding beyond its many features, a-la-carte add-ons are now available in both the monitored and unmonitored accounts. 

Communication Coaching

Our communication coaches work with subscribers to help construct or review their messages ensuring compliance with our review guidelines. Our goal is to teach our subscribers how to become more effective communicators.

Certified Transcripts

Subscribers can request hard-copies of specific conversations or review actions reports certified as true and correct for use in court.

Court Report

Subscribers can request an official report that summarizes the history of the parties, enumerates the account restrictions, illustrates the communication statistics, and discusses the overall progress of the communication between the shared parents.

Review Action Reports

In the monitored account, all messages processed display the review action taken (Accepted, Revised, and Rejected), the review reasoning codes and definitions, and any personalized review comments. Access to a complete list of revised and rejected messages from either party can be accessed through the Analytics tab of the account. Each of the Revised and rejected communications, has an active link that, when selected, displays the specific Review Action Report. Located at the bottom of the report is the ordering tab.