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Adding Events & Parenting Time

Last Updated: November 12, 2018

  • Each parent should enter their own parenting time from the court order. Example: 5-2-2-5 schedule.  

  • Use the recurring option for the schedule and select All Day for the times.

  • Enter the language from the court order in the details.  i.e. start and end times.

    • The court ordered parenting schedule should not be modified as the schedule changes.  It should only reflect the court ordered parenting time.

  • Events, Holidays and Vacation schedule should be entered in addition to the regular parenting time.  

** Vacation trumps regular parenting time and holidays.

** Holidays trump regular parenting time.

  • The only time you should change the court ordered parenting time on the calendar is when the court order changes or there is an agreement between the parties for the court ordered parenting time.  This does not include a one time change.

    • Why? A recurring event will create hundreds of entries. Trying to modify a recurring event will take an unusually long time and many times result in a time out before making the requested change. If you need to change a recurring event, it is better to delete the recurring event and enter it again as a new event.

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