Ordering Review Action Reports

Last Updated: November 16, 2018

What are Review Action Reports? 

“Review Action Reports” are the product of our system and are generated when our review team revises or rejects a communication.  This report summarizes the action taken, and documents what message, if any, was forwarded to the other party. For the sender the report contains a complete record of what was submitted and what was forward, along with review actions and any reviewer comments.  This is intended to educate the sender and provide feedback on what is considered acceptable so that future messages will not have the same issues. For the recipient, the Review Action Report documents what was forwarded, along with the review actions. It will not document the initial message or any comments made by the review specialist.  

There are, however, situations when it is necessary to present to the court or to their legal team’s evidence of the other parties continued efforts to harass or intimidate.   In the past, these records were only available when Civil Communicator was subpoenaed. The cost of obtaining this information, can become prohibitively expensive when you consider the legal time, cost of filing and serving and the time required by our team to search and document formally all communication requests.  This was the force behind our newest feature. Civil Communicator now allows each party to purchase the Review Action Reports of the other party.


How it works

All messages processed display the review action taken (Accepted, Revised, and Rejected).  Access to a complete list of revised and rejected messages from either party can be accessed through the Analytics tab of the account.  Each of the Revised and Rejected communications, has an active link that, when selected, displays the specific Review Action Report. Located at the bottom of the report is the ordering tab.  

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