Emergency Button

Last Updated: October 29, 2018

Imagine you’re on your way home or on the road to meet your partner to exchange the kids and something happens. It’s late at night, and Civil Communicator monitored communication services has ended.  How do you contact the other party while still maintaining the spirit of a parenting agreement that limits your communication only to our service? This was the scenario behind our newest upgrade, the “Emergency Contact” button.  This new feature now allows each party to immediately send a communication to the other party anytime of the day and by pass our review specialists.    

“Emergency” is the nomenclature that we use in expressing to someone that the information is time critical. Therefore, Civil Communicator does not limit the types of messages that can be sent. Instead our system relies on the discretion of both parties, to ensure that the message content is indeed an emergency. So what happens if one party doesn’t believe the messages is truly an “Emergency”?, or if either party believes the system is being used to circumvent the monitored function.  Our system was designed with a safe guard; the ability of either party to disable the feature.  Disabling the feature, can be done by accessing it through  the “My Profile” tab.  Once disabled, however, it can only be enabled by our Account Manger.  This would require a formal request and agreement from both parties.  In the end, this new feature now provides 24 hour communication capability for the parties.   

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